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See Your Kitchen Design in 360° of "Cool"

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

When you work with just about any designer to create a new kitchen or bath layout, you will be shown drawings that verify the dimensions and the fit of the cabinets you select. The drawings also will give you an idea of the look of the cabinet style. Called an “elevation,” drawings like that have been easily available since the advent of the computer.

All well and good, you say, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to 'stand' in a layout of your new kitchen to see what it will look like from every angle, before you buy?

“3D’s cool!”

Well, now you can – again, thanks to the computer as well as advances in panoramic viewing software – and customers love the experience! Using 2020 Design software, the kitchen and bath designers at Dresser Hull can show you what your new kitchen will look like in an immersive 3D experience that puts you right in the room. Depending on the device you use, with touchscreen or other controls you can get the effect of seeing your layout from every perspective.

Major cabinet manufacturers, including those whose products are available from Dresser Hull, have shared artwork of their cabinetry with the publisher of the software. This makes it possible for you to select, say, Decora Girard door style in the #8 Profile, in maple with the Crushed Ice finish, and see that selection in a 360° drawing. Your designer also can capture countertop and backsplash designs as well as wall paint colors.

When your 360° drawing is ready, the system sends you a link to the 2020 360° Panorama Viewing Service. The link can be opened in any web browser or on your mobile device, making it easy to share the design. You don’t need a special headset or glasses to view it (although it is extra cool to view it through a device such as Google Cardboard, for example).

“I really love 3D!”

You may not get this service everywhere kitchen designs are sold, but you can get it at Dresser Hull. We want you to absolutely love your kitchen design, so make an appointment with one of our designers and see for yourself the difference a 360° view of your next kitchen can make in your decision-making process. We think you will love it, too. Here is a link to a sample kitchen in 360° view.

Call us today at 413-243-1400 or go to our online appointment page, here. You can also visit our website to learn more about our kitchen and bath design services. We look forward to talking with you soon.

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