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See Things Differently Through Glass Door Inserts

Among the many options available to you when selecting new kitchen cabinets are glass inserts for the cabinet doors. Glass door inserts are one way to customize a door front to best suit your kitchen design. You can choose glass door inserts for all of your cabinets or for just one that will feature a special object or collection, for example.

In the brands represented by DRESSER HULL, Merillat offers glass door inserts in both the Masterpiece and Classic design series; Masterbrands offers glass door inserts in its Decora and Schrock series cabinets. Wolf Designer series also offers a selection of glass door inserts.

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Semi-custom cabinets offer many options in door styles, woods, and finishes. Glass door inserts are an additional option, and many styles of glass are available. From tinted, clear, translucent, and opaque glass to a wide variety of patterns and textures, you can likely find just the look you are after. Mullioned, leaded and beveled glass styles also are available. One further option is to order your cabinet doors cut for glass inserts, and add your own locally-purchased glass.

As with all semi-custom cabinets, changes you make to a basic door will impact the cost of the cabinet, so be sure to check with your DRESSER HULL kitchen designer to get the full picture.

And while you’re looking around our showroom, be sure to ask about lighting and other options such as organizer inserts to get the most from your new custom cabinets.

Let us know how we can help! Our experienced kitchen designers will be happy to show you around our design center, walk you through current catalogs, and answer any questions you may have about cabinet hardware selection.

Did you know that DRESSER HULL also sells flooring? Your designer can introduce you to our flooring experts. You can set up a meeting with a kitchen designer at your convenience, either by phone at 413-243-1400, or online at our website. We look forward to working with you!

Discover Masterpiece glass samples and more in the DRESSER HULL Kitchen & Bath Showroom.

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