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Home Organization Starts in the Kitchen

‘Getting organized’ is a perpetually favorite New Year’s resolution, so if it’s on your list, an organized kitchen is a great place to start!

Imagine waking up to a kitchen where all your coffee or tea making supplies are in their designated spots in cabinets or drawers. Carry your lunch? No worries when all your gear is right where it’s supposed to be. And if cooking at home more often is also on your resolutions list, then getting organized is essential.

The kitchen is the hub of every home, and cabinet manufacturers have developed exciting ways to organize the machines, gadgets, dishes and serving pieces, and even ingredients, that are important parts of your day. Whether you are planning to replace your cabinets or just looking to make better use of the space you have, you can be sure there is a cabinet, drawer, or insert made for the job.

Some of our current favorites include cutlery drawers, pull-out breadboards and breadboxes, and roll-out trays. A pull-out unit has been designed to keep your pots and pans, and corresponding lids, organized and right at hand. A lift can be installed to store your mixer out of sight and raise it to counter height when you’re ready to use it.

Make a list of things you want to organize in the kitchen, and bring it in to discuss it with one of our kitchen designers. You can make an appointment with a designer right on this website, or you can call us at 413-243-4200 and speak directly with a designer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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