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Fresh Paints and Finishes Part of Today’s Merillat Masterpiece Collection

When Merillat Cabinetry refreshed its Masterpiece Collection last year, the company added more than 4,000 new items, including dozens of new door styles, along with fresh paints and finishes, designed to deliver beautiful, functional, and flexible options to your kitchen design.

Features of The Masterpiece Collection include:

• New paints, stains and expanded wood options, including a softer look with Suede topcoat and a new Rustic Alder with knotholes, burls and mineral streaks

• Extra-solid EverCore® doors and drawer fronts that have no grain and react less to temperature and humidity compared to regular wood, providing an especially smooth painted finish

• Base corner Smart Space Solutions cabinets that create usable space out of a normally wasted area

• Base roll-out solutions that make hard-to-reach items more accessible

• Aged and distressed techniques that achieve the look of well-loved cabinetry

• Auto open cabinets that open with a gentle nudge and close with a soft touch

The collection aims to offer many things homeowners want in their kitchen cabinetry: current colors and quality finishes, improved storage and access, and soft-touch closure.

The Masterpiece Collection from Merillat is one of the many cabinetry brands offered by Dresser Hull. As with all the cabinet brands we offer, The Masterpiece Collection is semi-custom, giving you plenty of options to make it your own. It is priced in the mid-range among the brands we carry.

See the entire line at or visit Dresser Hull Kitchen and Bath Design to pickup a brochure and to speak with a designer. Remember to ask about any current cabinetry promotions, and Like us on Facebook (@dresserhull) to stay informed about special offers, events and more.

From The Masterpiece Collection by Merillat

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