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“Do You Charge for Your Services?” And Other Frequently Asked Questions in Kitchen and Bath Design

As is often the case, the most frequently asked questions can be the most difficult to answer – or to answer simply. For example, this may be the most frequently asked question of them all:

Which is your cheapest cabinet?

We hear this all the time, and we understand! A kitchen or bath remodel can have a big impact on your budget. But we suggest that the better question may be “What is your lowest-priced cabinet that meets all of my requirements?” You want to buy the highest-value cabinetry, and that can change based on the needs of your particular job, and even on manufacturer promotions. Pricing is frequently affected by efficiencies at the factory; for example, some manufacturers dedicate lines to a single product which requires fewer changeovers to manufacture, and so may produce cabinets that cost less than alternatives.

Why do glass front cabinet doors cost more?

Adding glass to some of the cabinet doors in your kitchen or bath can dramatically change the look of the room, and allow you to display favorite pieces. But before you decide to add glass, it pays to understand that a door must be modified in production to accommodate the glass, and that glass costs more than wood products in doors. What’s more, the interior of the cabinet may require a finish to match the exterior. Modifications to production and materials will add to your cost.

Why isn’t the outside bottom of a wall cabinet finished?

There is a good chance that you haven’t even noticed this, but most wall cabinets are shipped with unfinished bottom boards. That’s because, typically, that part of the cabinet isn’t easily visible, and so it is a way to keep costs down. Our manufacturers can prepare your cabinets for the application of panels finished to match, and such panels can be put in place by your installer.

What if I order a cabinet with a right-hand hinge and then realize I really need a left-hand hinge?

This happens, but there is an easy solution: simply turn the cabinet over before you attach the door pull or knob, and the hinges will be right where you want them!

Is cabinet hardware included with the cabinets?

Pulls and knobs are not included, but with such a wide variety of cabinet hardware available, you will be able to select the ones that best complement your décor and cabinetry. If you select hardware from Dresser Hull’s extensive selection, then the price can be included in your estimate and billing.

Does a bathroom vanity come with a sink?

The short answer to this question is: Sometimes. But for the most part, the components – vanity, sink, and fixtures – are sold separately. You can ask your designer which manufacturers offer vanities with sinks installed. All of our countertop fabricators offer a vanity program that includes an oval or rectangular undermounted sink.

What is the typical height of a vanity?

Many vanities are offered in two heights: 30.5 and 34.5 inches; some manufacturers only offer one choice in vanity height.

How long does it take to get the cabinets delivered and installed?

Depending on the brand, delivery is typically in four to five weeks from the manufacturer. Some brands offer quick ship options that will have your cabinets delivered in two or three weeks, but your selection may be limited. For cabinetry that requires paint matching, custom paint, or nonstandard modifications, delivery may take as long as seven weeks.

Once delivered, cabinet installation is a matter for you and your installer. But keep in mind that every base cabinet has a countertop that goes with it, and a countertop won’t be made until the bases are in, because a template has to be made with the bases in place. Plan on another two to three weeks after templating to have the installed countertop. Your installer can offer to fabricate and install a temporary countertop if you require a functional kitchen while waiting for your new countertop.

Do you charge for your services?

The short answer is no, we don’t charge for our services. Our designers will use customer interviews, site reviews, and computer-aided design tools to help you create the best design for your space and help to ensure a trouble-free installation.

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