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Creating a Look with Cabinet Color Selection

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

One of the most important decisions you will make when designing your new kitchen will be the color of the cabinets. Cabinet manufacturers offer a wide variety of paint colors and natural wood stains from which to choose, and a visit to a kitchen design showroom is a great way to see a lot of options in one place.

While selecting one color for all of the cabinets in a kitchen is a very popular approach, many homeowners and designers are choosing two colors that work well together to achieve a specific look and feeling in the kitchen design.

This could mean white or light–colored cabinets on top, paired with lower cabinets painted a darker shade, for contrast, or in a natural wood finish, for warmth. Another application of two-color cabinets keeps all the upper and lower wall cabinets in the same color, but introduces a lighter or darker shade of cabinets in the kitchen island.

You can see this two-tone trend on display in the Dresser Hull Kitchen and Bath showroom, where you also can see a huge variety of cabinetry color samples. Call 413-243-4200 or make an appointment online to meet with one of our designers and start talking about your new kitchen – possibly one that combines two different cabinet colors!

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