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Considering Countertops: Natural Materials

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

When you’re ready to replace your kitchen countertop, it pays to understand the composition and features of the many materials available today. Countertop materials are either naturally occurring or manufactured. Among the key features to consider are scratch, stain, heat and impact resistance, and color and pattern consistency. The length and shape of your countertop may require seams. You can discuss this with your designer.

Granite, marble and wood are among the natural materials used in countertops. Granite is rock that gets its color and pattern from the presence of minerals in combination with quartz. Sourced from around the world, granite can offer unique and even exotic designs. Granite is naturally porous and suppliers recommend a regular application of a sealer to protect the countertop.

Marble is also rock that is quarried from the ground. Certain marble types are better suited to the kitchen due to different levels of porosity and susceptibility to stains and etching.

Wood can add warmth to a kitchen – in both look and feel. It is among the least resistant materials, so it is often used for gathering surfaces and shelves rather than in food prep areas.

At Dresser Hull Kitchen and Bath, we offer a wide selection of countertop options in a nearly infinite number of colors. Our designers will help you find the right combination of material and price for your kitchen, and samples are available for most of the materials we sell. Visit our showroom to learn more about the possibilities. Call 413-243-4200 to speak with a designer, or make an appointment on our website.


Watch for an upcoming post on manufactured countertop materials.

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