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Considering Countertops: Manufactured Materials

Manufactured materials can give your kitchen counters the look of granite, marble and even wood (see Considering Countertops: Natural Materials), or let you explore new levels of color and pattern, while offering greater resistance and durability. Quartz, solid surface and laminate are countertop products manufactured from combinations of natural and manmade materials.

Quartz, or quartz surface, is manufactured from natural ground quartz combined with polymer resin and color pigments under controlled conditions to ensure consistency of color and offers a wide range of design possibilities. Available in a variety of finishes, quartz surface is a nonporous material that requires no sealer. Dresser Hull offers quartz surfaces including Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone, and Viatera.

Solid surface materials include Corian Solid Surface and many others. They are made from resin with natural materials added for color. These materials offer a virtually seamless look and come in a variety of finishes. Marks and scratches can be repaired.

Laminate surfaces are made by fusing several layers of materials such as paper and plastic into a single sheet, which is attached to a substrate such as particleboard for durability. Key features include stain and heat resistance, color and pattern consistency, and a seamless appearance. Formica and Wilsonart are two laminate-surface material brands offered by Dresser Hull.

Whether you are simply replacing your countertop or remodeling your entire kitchen, the materials you choose for prep and gathering areas are critical to the look and function of the space. Our designers will help you find the right combination of material and price for your kitchen, and samples are available for most of the materials we sell. Call 413-243-4200 to speak with a designer, or make an appointment on our website.

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