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Door Style Decisions Impact Design, Cost

One of the first decisions homeowners tackle when designing a new kitchen is the design and style of the cabinet doors. If you are already thinking about your redesign, you may have an inspiration file going, with clips from your favorite decorating magazines. Or maybe you have an active Pinterest board on kitchen and bath design. Whether you have been thinking about it for a while or are new to the process, you will find that there are a lot of decisions to make.

Defining your look often begins with the choice of one of the many available door style options including arch, beadboard, Shaker, and slab. This is a good place to start making decisions that can affect your costs. Generally, more complex designs mean higher cost. Beadboard in the center of the door, for example, adds to the cost. And a raised panel door will cost more than a flat panel. These factors are a direct reflection of the amount of labor that goes into making the door. Because a mitered door will be more expensive to produce than one that is not mitered, the cost of the mitered door style will be higher.

Other options to consider include the type of wood that is used and the finish selections such as paint and stain. Cherry is more expensive than maple, for example. With regard to finishes, paint is not the best choice for some door styles, and paint requires a different level of care than a stained door. These style choices say a lot about the look you are after – and can have major budget impact – but the options don’t end there.

Many door styles are available in a choice of overlay – either full or partial – which indicates how much of the cabinet box front is exposed when the doors are closed. As you can guess from the names, a full overlay door covers most of the frame, providing a smoother look, whereas a partial overlay leaves more of the frame showing.

One way to control costs in a project is to choose a partial overlay door style over a full overlay. But bear in mind that not all manufacturers offer partial overlay doors as an option.

When you think about how important the choice of door style is to the look of your finished kitchen or bath, you can understand how critical it is to carefully consider all your options.

As you plan your new kitchen or bath, speak with a Dresser Hull Kitchen and Bath designer early in the process to learn more about making the best cabinet door choices. Visit our website to book online or call 413-243-4200 to schedule an appointment.

Full overlay cabinet doors

Partial overlay cabinet doors

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